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Automated palletizing, mixed boxes

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Systemex Automation was commissioned to robotize the palletizing process in order to reduce labor dependency, eliminate physically demanding tasks and successfully complete this first robotization project for a major Canadian retailer.


Mix Palletizing Process

The process we automate is palletizing boxes for storage. These boxes vary in size and arrive on a conveyor in an unpredictable order. There are no restrictions on the order of palletization, and the boxes can be arranged with any other boxes, with the pallet simply serving as a means of transport to the warehouse.

Operational Specifications

  • Average output: 190 boxes/hour
  • Maximum output: 420 boxes/hour
  • Product orientation: The labels on the boxes must face the outside of the pallet.

Automated palletising, mixed boxes 1


System Overview

Our palletizing cell is responsible for preparing pallets, at a rate of 190 to 420 boxes per hour, with a maximum height of 152.4 cm (60 inches). Boxes of various sizes arrive on a conveyor from the unloading docks. A robot selects the best boxes according to specific criteria and places them on one of three pallets located to the side and rear. Once the pallet is complete, it is transported out of the cell and a new, empty pallet takes its place.

Automated palletising, mixed boxes 2

Managing Box Dimensions

A 3D vision system above the roller conveyor measures each box. If the dimensions are correct, the box is registered and continues on its way. In the event of an error, or if it doesn't meet the criteria, the box is rejected to a dedicated ejection system.

Automated palletising, mixed boxes 3

Label identification

To position the boxes so that the label is always visible, our cell uses colour sensors to locate the label. The information is recorded for each box.

Automated palletising, mixed boxes 4

Robot Palletiser

We use a palletising robot specially designed for this type of application. It has 4 motorised axes and uses a suction tool to handle boxes of different sizes and weights in complete safety.

Automated palletising, mixed boxes 5



  • Robotic arm
  • Advanced safety enabling workflows with human intervention
  • Handles boxes weighing up to 50 pounds - Stacks up to 6 boxes per minute (up to 12 with lightweight boxes)
  • Stacks pallets up to 60 inches high
  • Programmable to handle multiple product references - Capable of handling dividers


  • Increased productivity and capacity
  • Reduced reliance on hard-to-find labour
  • Improved consistency, safety and quality of operations
  • Reduced Cost of Goods
  • Rapid return on investment

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Automated palletizing, mixed boxes

Automated palletizing, mixed boxes

Systemex Automation was commissioned to robotize the palletizing process in order to reduce labor dependency, eliminate physically demanding tasks...

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