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Kinova and Systemex Automation Sign a partnership on Modular Solutions

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MONTREAL, QC, July 6, 2022 Kinova Inc. and Systemex Automation proudly announce today the joining of their expertise in a partnership which will lead to the integration of Kinova’s newly-launched and class-leading industrial collaborative robot, the Link 6, into Systemex’ Integrated Modular Solutions.
These modular solutions will benefit from the high level of direct integration possible with the Link 6 due to it having the industry's most powerful and accessible controller. This allows Systemex to benefit from lower risk and lower integration time, thus allowing clients a much faster return on investment while retaining the quality and customizability known from Systemex’s modular solutions. Systemex and its’ business partners global reach will allow the Link 6 to not only penetrate new markets but also allow Kinova’s clients to leverage over 25 years of industrial automation experience for their own applications and benefit.
‘By utilizing Kinova robots, we help reduce lead time, complexity of integration and benefit from local support,’ said Kelsey Medeiros, General Manager of Systemex Automation.
‘By partnering with Systemex, we not only benefit from world-class integration experience, but also are now able to better support our customer base and widen our offerings, with new applications that we can deploy to our end-users quicker,’ explains Jean Guilbault, VP Sales and Marketing at Kinova. ‘In addition, Systemex will give Kinova invaluable feedback which will drive future product strategy.’
Systemex Automation
Systemex Automation, located in Laval, is a firm specializing in engineering, manufacturing and integration of automated production systems. The Company provides innovative technological solutions to a wide range of clients in the fields of manufacturing and industrial processes through its team of qualified experts in automation, robotics, AGVs, and vision systems.
For more information, visit Systemex’s website:
Kinova Inc., headquartered in Boisbriand (Greater Montreal), Quebec, Canada, is a leader in innovative robotics. Founded over 15 years ago, in 2006, the company designs and manufactures robots for various markets, including medical robotics, assistive robotics, research and education, and more recently industrial and professional automation with the launch of the Link 6 robot in March 2022. Kinova's ingenious technology improves and extends the capabilities of customers with a human-first approach to serve the growing need for robotics across increasingly complex industries.
For more information, visit Kinova’s website :

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