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Case packing and palletizing and stretch wrapping

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Systemex Automation was awarded an important palletizing mandate in a factory in the food industry. The proposed solution was based on our Robotic Modular Cell™ solution. A compact solution arranged to the topology of the plant and which allowed the customer to automate the crating and palletizing without modifying the surrounding lines.


Cellule mise en boite 01


One of the modular cells can be removed from the main line and installed on a secondary line and put into operation within minutes. The solution allows the customer to reduce labor costs and improve product quality by better controlling the number of bags in each box.

The following criteria were met:

  • Minimum output of 15 boxes per minute
  • Up to 80 bags per minute
  • Respect of the Z432 & Z434 safety standards
  • Management of 3 box formats
  • Management of 6 bag formats
  • Management of 2 bag configurations (stand-up bags and flat bags)


Iso view

18181101A00-0000 OK




  • Electrical/mechanical design, programming, assembly, start-up







  • Flexibility and modularity of the production line
  • Modular robotization that can be moved around the plant as needed
  • Interchangeability of the tool for different products
  • Quick return on investment

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