Systemex Automation's history

Systemex Automation was founded by Dawcolectric, an electrical contractor who wanted to support the growing needs of its customers and expand the scope of its business to include more high-tech activities. The company began operations in 1996 under the name Systemex Industrial Services, adopting its current name in 2007 to reflect a vocation geared purely toward "automation".

In 2008, the company moved to its current offices in Laval, QC, and Systemex Automation has now grown from about 10 employees to almost 40 skilled technicians and engineers working in many fields such as controls, robotics, mechanics and industrial computing.

Although it is part of a large family of companies doing business in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors, and comprising more than 1,000 employees, Systemex Automation is independently managed while still capitalizing on the group's strength in terms of both financial and logistical resources.