Preliminary and Detailed Engineering

Preliminary and Detailed Engineering

For some projects, it is advantageous to start with a preliminary engineering phase to fully determine the project scope and feasibility. Specifically, Systemex Automation can help clients determine what will be included in the project goals, what will be excluded, and whether the project should be launched or not. Thus, for a fraction of the project’s overall cost, we provide a comprehensive document outlining the project parameters that can be used, for instance, to obtain the budget required for implementation and to accurately assess the risk related with carrying out a specific project. The project can therefore be redefined, postponed or cancelled if the findings of the preliminary engineering phase are not acceptable, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Detailed engineering includes the production of all required documents for installation, calibration and start-up of control equipment, as well as staff training.

Systemex Automation’s engineers and technicians take responsibility for generating deliverables while allowing you to remain in control of the scope and budget of your project.

Systemex Automation engineers can produce the following documents as part of the preliminary engineering phase:

  • Accurate definition of scope of work
  • Choice of appropriate technologies to be used on the project
  • Definition of design standards to be met
  • Development of basic engineering documents required for cost assessment
  • Estimation of project costs
  • Calculation of the return on investment
  • Production of the detailed project schedule