Pasteurizer system replacement


Systemex Automation was responsible for the functional analysis of the pasteurizer system in an effort to replace the control system with new technology. Upon completion of the analysis, the Systemex Automation team was able to program various operation sequences.

The Systemex Automation team had to familiarize themselves with the existing equipment in order to use it correctly, modify it and ensure its proper functioning (reverse engineering).

The following criteria was met:

  • The original design is no longer supported by documentation
  • The original manufacturer no longer exists
  • Improved equipment performance
  • Extended life span of the implemented solution

  • Functional description
  • PLC/HMI programming
  • Testing


  • Production improvement
  • New technologies integration
  • Accurate documentation on equipment operation
  • Continued quality
  • Improvement of the control and management of equipments
  • Improvement of the planning of scheduling