Bottling line - Mexico


Systemex Automation was responsible for the start-up of three (3) bottling lines for filling, crating and palletizing cans at a plant in Mexico. The main focus of the mandate was the verification of inputs and outputs, programming of PLC sequences and HMI interfaces, parameterization of speed controllers and cycle time optimization. Thanks to its expertise in process optimization and the use of Siemens products, the Systemex Automation team ensured that the client met its deadlines and minimized commissioning costs.

The following criteria was met:

  • A work schedule of 10 days on site/7 days off
  • Conveyor optimization
  • A reduction in blockages on the lines
  • Reduced intervention of operators

  • PLC/HMI programming
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up


  • Production line optimization
  • Increased operational efficiency