Robotic cell - Engine cover


Systemex Automation was responsible for the electrical and mechanical design of a robotic cell, its manufacturing and its start-up at the factory in the Eastern Townships. This unit is used for the assembly of engine covers, including the installation of insulation foam and an overlay of the brand name. It is also equipped with an integrated vision system for quality control. Cycle times were significantly improved in relation to existing cells at the factory which allowed the client to be more competitive in the market.

Features of the mandate:

  • Cycle times of <30 seconds per piece
  • 7 components to install
  • Quality and verification inspection system

  • Risk analysis
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Robot tool design
  • Implementing vision system
  • PLC/HMI programming
  • Robot programming
  • Factory installation
  • Start-up
  • Support
  • Training


  • Production improvement
  • Security of operations
  • Improved product quality
  • Flexibility of the assembly line
  • Better control and management
  • Better schedule planning
  • Modularity and flexibility of the solution

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